Homemade Dog Chow

I have three dogs that I constantly have to keep an eye on what they're eating. This past summer, they were getting endless bouts of diarrhea. One dog after another. And vice versa. Countless visits to the vet had us questioning about their diet. "Are they eating healthy?" "Should we add more Greek yogurt or … Continue reading Homemade Dog Chow

That Deaf Massage Therapist…

That move to VA wasn't going to happen unless I found a job. Unfortunately, there was a period of time where people lost their jobs, unemployment rate was going up, no one was hiring....It sucked. I worked for this agency out of college outside of Philadelphia for a couple of years working with children of … Continue reading That Deaf Massage Therapist…

Deaf Facts!

We are not just born deaf According to WHO, there are 360 million people worldwide that have some sort of hearing loss. It can range from genetics, to illness, to aging. Deaf and hard-of-hearing don't just use ASL The population is so diverse that not everyone knows sign language. You can grow up in a … Continue reading Deaf Facts!

Mountain Weekend Recap

VRBO.com rental: $640 a night Ski Lift and Rentals for two: $154 Food and booze: +$150 (honestly no clue) Good times, good people: Priceless All this warm weather lately is making me miss the snow from this weekend. Poconos is a good time. Great scenery and tons of ski resorts for all of you snow … Continue reading Mountain Weekend Recap