Power is out

I’m sitting here in the dark with the power out since 5 am. It’s 6 am now. It’s extremely windy out and school is closed over it.

Not going to lie. This is probably eerily creepy. The garage door is making all kinds of noises like there’s a man with a chainsaw skimming it.

It’s still freaking pitch black out here.

I’ve never seen the dogs go to the bathroom as quick as they did this morning.

I’ve never cared so much about how I’m going to look at work today.

I’m so thankful for coffee my husband had the opportunity to brew before the power went out.

Don’t get me wrong. I really do love living out in the country. It’s quiet. But when you’re by yourself, the dogs better be on high alert!

I’m scared to go to the bathroom and leave “something” when we get home tonight. You’re welcome.

At least, there’s candles. And turning my hearing aids off is a big plus. 😉

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