Highlights from Sydney, Australia

P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney Australia…

You need to watch the Disney Movie “Nemo”. I’m making my husband watch it when we get back.

Everyone here are dog lovers. Doggies galore! It was kind of refreshing. I miss my pups.

First thing we did when we got here was see a Rugby League game. Roosters vs Bulldogs won 30-12. Wow. Lots of blood action.

Our hotel was in Surry Hill. Very bohemian area with tons of restaurants. Especially Asian fusions. It’s also where I devoured my first Poke Bowl. There’s no ozone layer. Best wear a hat and SPF everywhere.

Bondi Beach is such a super laidback area outside of Sydney. Everyone here is fit. But then again, who’s not when you surf all day? Don’t forget us Crossfit couples too?

There’s a pool on a rock that is saltwater from the waves. I was pretty dumb, didn’t think to take my hearing aids off and got pummeled by a huge wave that knocked Justin into the pool and got me soaked head to toe. (My hearing aids went right into the air dry box for a couple days.) It’s really peaceful here (Sydney) in the morning. It was nice getting up early, eat a good breakfast and head to the park with a cup of coffee. Do all this before it gets super crowded.

Please do the bus around the city. It’s the best way to see Sydney in such a short time. Definitely hop off at some of the main attractions and hop back on to the next one.

Wildlife Zoo is pretty decent. It has all the big “Aussie Animals”. My favorite was the rescued wombat. Poor baby’s mom got hit by a car while in her pouch. Cue sniffles. (If you follow me on Instagram, in the highlights of Australia, it will have a video of me petting the cutest furry animal. #animallover)

Ever see Bugs Bunny growing up? Meet your Tasman Devil. Cute, small, and also, pregnant.

Best part of this whole tour? I got to encounter a bunch of sleepy koalas SO CLOSE!

Although, I realize koalas do not like being touched. They kind of remind me of my friend Emily. No touchy touchy. 🙂 Also, F off. My kinda cute animal.

We’ll be back to Sydney in a few days before hoping over to Fiji. Most likely back at Bondi Beach for sun and good food.

Our next stop is Cairns, Great Barrier Reef. Time to scuba dive.

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See you when I get done being a mermaid 🙂


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