Oticon Vs ReSound…Which One Did I Choose?

Luckily, I was able to take home two hearing aids for two weeks.

My first visit involved an audiogram update which has not changed since my last one in 2013. Ha. I still have bilateral profound hearing loss. It’s not going anywhere people! Not yet anyways. We discussed hearing aid options and finances.

I came back in two weeks to try two different brands of hearing aids on. That process included tuning the hearing aids to a specific program that meets my hearing loss needs by a computer program. Pretty cool stuff here. With ReSound, they had to max out with the decibels. Oticon was pretty simple to do somehow. Both were programmed to my needs and I was able to get my ears impressed for the new molds at the same time. The goal was to see how and which one works better for me and return one brand in two weeks. And pick up my new ear molds.

I started out wearing ReSound leaving the office with tears of joy over how clear and how much I’m hearing. It’s also an overwhelming process. I do this every time I get new ones. I’m also hella emotional okay? ReSound has Bluetooth that’s very easy to use. I could use my iPhone to control the sounds, background noises and music. Simple right?

Oticon was not. It came with a streamer that’s like a remote and I had such a hard time trying to play music with it. I was very hesitant with it. “Why can’t it be simple?” It’s simple if you wear it less than 3 feet from you. Roll eyes. BUT…it’s way louder and is better for me. It definitely got overwhelming at first. I first wore it to work on the loudest day of the week and I had headache from 7 am in the morning til my shift ended at 5:30 pm. I was like hell no.

ReSound definitely did not eliminate the wind noise I was having from running one day. On a second thought, it also has been super windy lately!! It was constantly bugging me. The weather would be extremely nice out to open the sunroof and let the windows down….I could almost not hear music because of the damn wind. I’m like “my audiologist will fix it.” There’s programs for it. I think? Nope.

Oticon definitely had feedback. I’m hoping it’s a small thing and will go away with new ear molds. Eventually, I got the streamer to work and ran with it tucked in my sports bra. No wind in my ears. Just music. Loved it. It’s even clear. I realized that I don’t always need the Bluetooth streamer. I would use it mostly for travel. Which means I don’t have to wear those painful headphones that can bruise my ear cartilage leaving it red for days!

Looks like I’m going to need new workout gear with side pockets to hold my streamer and iPhone.

There we go. I said it already.

I went back and returned the ReSound brand. The new ear molds seems to help a lot with the feedback.

To be honest, I feel pretty good about the Oticon. The world is crazy loud and it’ll take some time to get used to. It’s also something I’ve worn in the past. These were the first brand I ever wore when I first got hearing aids. So they had a special place in my heart and worked best for me. Ta da!

Just Strong

It’s a struggle when everyday society expects you to look a certain way. Let it be the media, being a professional athlete, dancer, or just in life. I’ve been seeing a lot of women on social media comparing themselves to others and it’s daunting!

Growing up, I always saw being skinny was perfection. Mind you, I was surrounded by professional dancers that had bones sticking out. I used to idolize that. I used to see that I needed to look like that. Be smaller.

Thanks to CrossFit, I found my way out of that hurdle and see food as fuel for your body and weights to keep me healthy. It makes me feel strong, capable, and has taught to appreciate and love my body in ways I never thought I could.

While I’m in a significantly better place, I still struggle and by no means am perfect or have it all figured out.

Today, people see muscles on women as gross, steroid looking, fat, too big, unhealthy, you name it. I’ve heard it all.

When is there going to be a day when women stop body shaming others instead but lift and bring each other up. Sadly, it’s an issue for women who are just naturally skinny as well.

I’m here to show that you’re not alone if you’ve struggled with body image or self love.

There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people be inspired by how you deal with your imperfections. Strength comes from within.

Have faith in your abilities. Self-realization and success comes from having confidence. Believe in yourself. You are stronger than you think you are. Stay humble.

Here’s to all you ladies out there. Don’t stop doing what you love. Be proud of your strength!

I’m excited to be a part of Just Strong. I love their message for the ladies. Visit http://www.JustStrong.com and use the 10% off discount code: AMANDAZUB10 when you check out.

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5 Things For 5 Years

Can someone pinch me?

It’s been 5 years since we said “I do”. I’ve grown up so much since we met at 22, him at 28. I’ve learned so much and respect him even more as I get older.

We bought two homes, I went back to school full time while working full and part time jobs, added Nikki to the pack, traveled to places we’d never imagined going, and a whole new career for me.

We sure do have our ups and downs. We’re stronger today than we were five years ago and continue to learn so much more about each other as we grow.

5 things we learned:

1. We learned to leave work at work. We both work tirelessly all day long and it’s so important to come home and be there for each other whether it’s working out in the garage, discussing plans for the future, playing with the dogs, going over life things such as bills and what nots.

2. We learned to communicate our feelings. I’m the type of person that really wishes he would understand what I’m going through without having to tell him how I’m feeling. He’s the type of person that would rather not talk about his bad day and go straight to his phone or watch TV. Now, we’re open to our feelings rather than assuming and communicate them before blowing up.

3. We’re more supportive of each other’s hobbies. I see how happy it makes him when he hangs with his friends or works out alone. I respect that more and more and encourage him to do more of that. When he does that, I have time for myself! Let it be a night to hang with friends, a solo workout in the garage, a nice bath soak, watch my own TV shows he won’t watch with me and even a weekend away. It’s a bonus when the dogs cuddle with me more when he’s not around. 😉

4. We learned to be 100% honest about everything. Don’t let it sit and build to become a problem. Period.

5. Patience. I talk about my struggles often. I know he has his struggles with a deaf wife. It takes a ton of patience to wait for your wife to put her hearing aids back on, repeat multiple times to make sure she understood a word in New England language. It takes a lot of patience to do the necessary phone calls for your wife because they don’t communicate via email or chat, etc. It takes a ton of patience to put yourself in her shoes so you can somewhat get an idea of what it’s like to struggle with hearing loss. It takes even more to agree to disagree about how red meat should be cooked. 🙂

Cheers to a lifetime of shirtless dancing, heavy squats, and high fives.

Photo Credit: Brandon Malone Photography

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