Alarm Systems

Do you have special alarm systems in your house because of your hearing? If so what do you use?

My dogs are my alarm system. Basically.

Just kidding. No, but really they bark at every sound, inside and outside of the house which keeps me on high alert.

Even if something fell off the washer/dryer, all hell breaks loose. Forget that nap you’re trying to take. Oy!

For now, we have the Nest Thermostat and Smoke Alarm system. It’s quite amazing. In the past, the smoke alarm will go off and it’s too high pitched for me to hear it thus I could be in a lot of trouble. My dogs almost always react to it but it could be too late by then.

Better safe than sorry! This Nest Smoke Alarm system is pretty easy to install and will notify your phone that the alarm is going off. It’s got a night light feature when you walk underneath it. It also has a carbon monoxide detector. Keep your family safe in event of leaks!

I’m always by my phone in case ANYTHING happens. Let it be your family members, friends, dog sitter, work, etc. Now if dogs had thumbs and could talk….

If we’re adding an alarm system, we will likely stick with the Nest Alarm and Camera. The Nest has an app you can download and will alert your phone in an event. Not just mine but my husbands as well. Which makes me so grateful for technology every day. Both of us can have a peace of mind if we’re not home as well.

I’m curious to see what the add ons will be like. Think we can track down the critters eating my damn flowers?

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