My Journey With Stomach Issues: Part Three

This is still quite a journey. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, please go back to Part One and Two. After the last blog, I discovered more food that I may be sensitive to while eliminating most of the food on the list I tested for positive sensitivity from Part One. One, … Continue reading My Journey With Stomach Issues: Part Three

Pros And Cons of Cochlear Implants

I am not against Cochlear Implants at all. I don't wear one and have been asked by readers about it. It's truly a life saving technology for many. But one you should not rush into. With that being said, you'll know when you're ready. Parents would have to research and carefully consider the long term … Continue reading Pros And Cons of Cochlear Implants

Things People Say

Now, this is mainly for humor. People do say such things and you always have to have a reason to laugh it off. People are stupid. Don't be like them! "Can deaf people drive? How do they hear the ambulance?" - Do you listen to music while driving? "How come you don't have cochlear implants?" … Continue reading Things People Say

Vanilla Zucchini Protein Mug Cake

So, I've got this garden and it's literally giving birth to multiple zucchinis a day that it's so hard to keep up with them! Not that I don't love them or anything crazy. Just stop growing! Zucchinis or not, I've been giving them away to friends, neighbors and eating them on almost a daily basis. … Continue reading Vanilla Zucchini Protein Mug Cake