Homemade Dog Treats – No Bake PB Pumpkin Balls

You guys! I seriously love baking. Give me donuts. Cupcakes. Ice cream! (Not really baking but I do make homemade ice cream.)

I scroll through Pinterest constantly looking for homemade dog treats that they would love. This one tops my Pinterest finds. My dogs love these peanut butter pumpkin balls so much. Let’s be real. Anything that involves peanut butter is the best! You can make it in different size balls to accommodate your dogs. It’s so easy and you probably have all the ingredients in your pantry anyway.


  • 1 cup canned purée pumpkin
  • 1/2 cup natural peanut butter
  • 1 tbs honey (can omit this)
  • 2 1/2 cup oats. Save 1/2 for coating. (I used 1 minute quick oats)

Just mix them all together, roll into a ball, cover with oats and viola! No baking needed. You have your easy healthy treat for the pups!

This can be stored in an air tight container for up to a week in the fridge or freeze for 2-4 weeks.

PS–Always check with your vet!

That Deaf Jersey Girl…

Meeting my husband was one thing I thought would never happen. I was at the end of my NFL cheerleading season, a bad break up, and swore to myself I would be single for a while. Well, look what happened. A year and half long distance relationship, which led to a move to VA, a marriage, 3 moves, two homeownerships, two careers, 3 dogs later….no, let’s not talk about kids yet. Please…go away.

One night, a girlfriend and I thought it would be fun to attend a calendar release party in DC. Sure, let’s get all dolled up and enjoy the night to ourselves! Nope! Ran into this guy who introduced me to my now husband. Long, long story short, after a cab chase to get my number, this guy was mine. Until then, I was forever dubbed the jersey girl this, jersey girl that…

Ladies, if a guy wants to fix your broken 5 inch heel, you let him!

We decided to give that dating life a try. He was in VA and I in NJ. We had never done a long distance relationship. This was all news to us. He had never dated a deaf girl either. Alert alert! He was from New England. This guy had every phrase in the book with an accent. Ok dude, you need to speak English. That was tough. I really liked him as a person but his English was like, okay excuse me, let me jump off the cliff really quick. Have a drink. Your lips move better when you’re happy. Eventually with time, he learned how to use his darn English. We mostly texted and Skyped to stay in touch. Weekends consisted of watching his rugby tournaments in the DC area and going to the bar for a drink or 10. This was 2010.

A year and half later, it was time for that move. We ended up living outside of Old Town Alexandria. He had rescued a dog who we named Jameson in the beginning of our relationship, I had my Charley. I think these two had a lot more to adjust than Justin and I did!

6 months later, one night, we went to dinner at our favorite restaurant Rosa Mexicana in DC and somehow ended up in a hotel that we met. Can you guess what happened? He finally put a ring on it! (Cue Beyonce “Single Ladies”)

I’ll always be that Jersey Girl as long as he continues to pump my gas for me 🙂

Us in a nutshell

Thing is, somehow we just make it work. Communication, communication, and communication. Don’t forget laughter and trust is also key. If someone makes you feel unworthy because of your disability or who you are, stand up and walk away. When you find your person, keep your person. Laugh at the tiniest mistakes you both do. Travel and go see the world together. Do the things you two enjoy and talk about all the time. Do projects around the house. Find a new hiking spot. Those 5 years of marriage went by so fast. Blink and time is gone. Live a little and enjoy it all in the process. Take lots of pictures in the meantime too!

“I’m Sorry, What?”

This is a common saying. They’re talking to you. You know they’re talking. Sometimes being in a group conversation can put a damper on your night out. Everyone’s laughing and having a great time. There’s background noise at the restaurant and you’re trying to listen to your friends. There is now technology that can minimize the background noises but you’re not catching every word your friends are saying. You can read one persons lip but another person on the other side of the table is saying something and guess what? You miss it.

There are apps out there that can translate speech-to-text on your phone but most of it requires that your friends having to download that same app. They’re wondering why and you have to explain it to them. Another way to put a damper on your night, right? Our lives are always about explaining silly stuff that normal people don’t have to deal with. Cheers?

Sometimes we throw the cards, just laugh when everyone is laughing and nod when everyone is nodding. Secretly, we have no clue what’s going on.

But! Have you heard of this new and upcoming technology called SpeakSee? You guys really should check it out. SpeakSee

They are coming out with a technology that will help you follow conversations in groups. A device with a microphone each person would wear that will transcribe speech-to-text directly to your phone. Also, for Bluetooth compatible hearing aids or cochlear implants, the technology will stream audio directly to it minimizing background noises. It’s really cool, interesting stuff. Follow their Instagram. Go visit their website. Sign up for their newsletter.

Imagine being able to enjoy dinner with your family at home or even in your favorite restaurant that is extremely loud without having a headache. Now, I can cheers to that!

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