Acro Yoga: Good Times

90% yogi. 10% gangsta rapper. Go watch how much fun we had taking Acro Yoga class!

Personal Hearing Aids Q&A Vlog

Answering a few questions readers and viewers have on hearing aids! Thanks for watching!  

Yoga Adventure

My husband and I set out on an adventure to find a yoga studio in town and dude, the experience we had... Ps: I sure miss my yoga peeps back home! Watch below!

Being Deaf in a Hearing Family

Being Deaf in a Hearing Family

I was often seen as favored out of my brother and sister. I often read lips of important figures telling others my mother pays too much attention to me. But wait. The jealously is over a hard-working single mother who threw all of her support, love, life lessons, attention in to raising me to be [...]