Best of 2018

What a year it’s been. 2019 is finally here. I was recently in NY for a ski trip with my family celebrating the new year festivities. One night, we all sat together enjoying dinner, sharing laughs, stories, reminiscing on our past. I took a step back listening and observing how much we’ve all grown. IContinue reading “Best of 2018”

Favorite Eats From My Travels

We all love traveling. There’s sight-seeing, meeting new people, the ability to take shameless wine tours, and let’s not forget about the endless amounts of instagram posts. But the best part of all is the food. You discover foods you’ve never tried before. If you’re ever in Auckland, New Zealand: Giapo It is such aContinue reading “Favorite Eats From My Travels”

Highlights from Auckland, NZ

1.7 million people live in the city of Auckland alone. It’s more than the population of South Island. Waiheke Island has over 30 wineries and breweries. 12$ for a 40 minute ferry ride over, $40 all day hop on and hop off all over the islands. Best buck for a quick trip. Crazy fact: StonyridgeContinue reading “Highlights from Auckland, NZ”