Daily Frustrations

What are some frustrating things you deal with everyday with being hearing impaired? In the past, I didn't really pay attention to my daily frustrations. Sure, I had them. But not in ways like I do today. In the last 10 years, my daily frustrations have increased as I get older and become more aware … Continue reading Daily Frustrations

Alarm Systems

Do you have special alarm systems in your house because of your hearing? If so what do you use? My dogs are my alarm system. Basically. Just kidding. No, but really they bark at every sound, inside and outside of the house which keeps me on high alert. Even if something fell off the washer/dryer, … Continue reading Alarm Systems

Deaf-Hearing Marriage

"Did your husband think twice about the fact that you were hard of hearing when you met? Does it cause any difficulties in your marriage?" This question....kind of perplexed me. It's really a normal marriage. He got down on one knee, I said yes. We ended up doing that 'getting married' thing. We said our … Continue reading Deaf-Hearing Marriage


"Do you feel "different" or does society make you feel different?" This is such a hard question to be honest. I've never felt like I was a different person in my own world. I knew I was different but chose to accept it long before I knew I was deaf. It's a part of who … Continue reading Individuality