Easier To Identify as Deaf

I came across a repost on Instagram that says as followed: “I feel like it’s easier to just identify as deaf because if I say hard of hearing, it gives me too much leeway.” “People think I hear more than I actually can.” @deafinitelydope This could not be more TRUE. I honestly feel like thisContinue reading “Easier To Identify as Deaf”

That Deaf Dental Hygienist…

Ya’ll must be thinking, “how many careers can she possibly have?” Guess what buttheads! Sky’s the limit! And I can’t believe I said ya’ll. I must be a virginian now. Yay? In high school and early 20s, I would catch myself watching ER or grey’s anatomy. My mom and her coworkers are Registered Nurses. IContinue reading “That Deaf Dental Hygienist…”