Favorite Eats in Downtown Leesburg

Leesburg is a really cute town that’s grown ever since we’ve moved to here about 5 years ago. There has been a lot of changes especially in Downtown Leesburg. Others call it Old Town Leesburg. Really whatever floats your boat! It’s basically Historic Leesburg. Okay, are we done here?

Let’s talk about my favorite eats in town!

Senor Ramon Taqueria¬†– One word. TACOS. And sangria. This is such a cool taco joint. Everything is so fresh and the flavors just mesh well. Every time. There’s always a line every time we go. Make sure you know what you want to order before you go because the options are literally ENDLESS. If you ever wanted to try beef intestine or tongue on your tacos, they have it. ūüôā Cheers.

Fire Works Pizza  РWe first came to Leesburg and our next door neighbor told us their favorite pizza place. I had heard about this place from a group of friends for a while as well. We figured this would be the place to go while we unwind from endless unpacking! Oh man, where has this place been all my life? They make delicious affordable pizzas! Even available with gluten-free dough. Not only that, but a long lists of craft beer and local wine. Even dogs can enjoy the patio seating with you. Ruff life huh?

SideBar – I was away one weekend and my husband went with a few friends one day and told me about their amazing brunch. They had just opened. I was dying to try their cinnamon roll! People, it’s not gluten-free but if you can stomach it, order one! Hashtag heaven please.

King Street Oyster Bar – Don’t bother going if you’re not a fan of seafood. I love coming here for their oysters and cocktails in the summer time. Keeping it light is key. Their oysters are pretty decent not to mention how fresh they taste. It changes every time we come in for a treat and they come from the east and west coasts. Not a fan? They have non-seafood meals available. Their lobster pasta is a fav as well. Just shuck it and eat it.

Bites¬†– The best place for chilly weather comfort food. If you enjoy grilled cheese and tomato soup at home, you will like this place. It’s ten times better and they have grilled cheese ranging from salty to sweet with the most delicious soups available that day. You can even opt for a gluten-free bread!

Gruttos – This is literally ice cream heaven. We discovered this hole in the wall ice cream place in Purcellville. They had such a long line out the door the first time we stepped in. They’ve recently opened a location right in Downtown Leesburg! Tons of ice cream options even the “Elvis” which is a banana soft serve ice cream with peanut butter sauce, whipped cream and a cherry on top! Ye-ow! You may want to wear your yoga pants because bloat ain’t pretty!

Delirium Cafe – This place opened up last year on such a perfect corner on King Street and of course, they have great beer with elephant pictures on them. Just kidding, it’s a Belgium based cafe/bar. The atmosphere is pretty decent when you walk in and continue to the back where they have outdoor patio seating that reminds you of a German Oktoberfest. They open late too. 10 or 11 pm. It’s late for Leesburg. Just don’t ask me why. If you’re looking for late night grubs, make sure you include their amazing truffle fries with your favorite Delirium beer sans elephants.

Cocina on Market – This restaurant has a rooftop seating. Hashtag make sure you wear your sunscreen. Great view of the town! Always love coming here for their amazing margaritas and gourmet style Mexican food. They use seasonal and local ingredients that create “holy mackerel” meals inspired by the chefs travels. It’s a good place. Just go.

Favorite Breweries and Wineries in Loco

I moved here not expecting to be living in the wine county of Virginia. LoCo is short for Loudoun County among locals around here. Loudoun County is quite possibly the next Napa Valley. There’s over 40 wineries and I’ve lost count on the breweries. I’ve been here for 7 years and still have not been to every single one. These days, it is so popular that many couples get married and dance the night away at their favorite wineries and breweries. We did the same almost 6 years ago. There is always something new to discover. They always brew something new to add to their wine/beer list. They all have the most picturesque locations. There’s almost always a band playing or music to show off your dance moves. No beer or wine are the same. Lastly, it’s always a good time with friends and family here. (Side note: Brews in Bold/Italics are gluten-free friendly!)


Vanish Farmwoods –¬†We moved to the Lucketts area about a couple years ago. We heard music one night and found out a brewery is right in our backyard! Now, they’ve grown a lot over the years, creating more delicious brews and Sunday yoga. That’s right. Yoga on Sunday with a free beer. Nameste!

Wild Hare Cider РWe discovered this place driving home from Bluemont Winery one year and decided to stop in. Now I LOVE a good cider. They make several delicious ciders. Not too sweet, just right. Did I also mention they relocated to downtown Leesburg? Both hands up, yas!

Dirt Farm¬†– We came across this gem of a brewery after leaving Bluemont Vineyard. Same great view as the vineyard, right next door and has such awesome brews. My personal favorite is their cherry ale ‘Tart 31’.

Quattro Goombas Brewery¬†– We went wine tasting at their winery and found out that they had a brewery on site. We hopped over, tried their beer flights and had the most amazing pizza ever. Literally, the cutest square-cut, Sicilian style, fluffiest but crispy bottom, yet so freshly made, yummiest thing at a brewery. I know I’m talking about food. Go get it with their delicious beer.

Corcoran Cidery-¬†¬†I couldn’t believe there was a cidery 10 minutes from my house. I love cider. Especially, in the fall. Don’t forget¬† I recently found out I’m sensitive to gluten. So, this is my go to place for gluten-free beer! This place is also a winery for those who favor wine.

Belly Love Brewery This place is such a cute gem. Nestled behind shopping centers in Purcellville. When you walk inside, it’s like another dimension. Awesome designs, it makes me want their interior decorator. About their beer? All my gluten sensitive friends! They make their beer gluten reduced! If you can handle a 6-pack of Omission, you will do just fine there. Not to mention, they taste like the real thing!

Old 690– One word. Popcorn. All you can eat. Also, fire pits and great brews. Especially their IPA’s. Nuff said.

Winery 32-I enjoy a glass of wine each night for it’s health benefits. The other glasses are for my witty comebacks and flawless dance moves.


Stone Tower Winery– We would keep driving by and wonder about this place. A friend kept telling us to go check it out. It had good reviews. I first went with a few of my girlfriends from hygiene school. Man, it did not disappoint. Beautiful, stunning views. Delicious tasting wine that I bought home a bottle and told my husband that we have to go. We’ve been coming here ever since.

Stone Tower Winery

Creek’s Edge Winery– We had this map and it shows you all the wineries in Loudoun County. This place was further up north past our house. We hardly ever go out that way so we went one day and it really is on the creek’s edge! If you walk inside, one of their room has such a really cool unique silo that has a stair wrapped around from bottom to top. It’s even printed on one of their bottles. Too cool.

Bluemont Vineyard РOnce upon a time, we went venue shopping, fell in love, and got married here. True story. Virginia is definitely for lovers and wine lovers will adore this view. Taste a few wine, buy a bottle, grab a snack, go sit at a table outside and look out where you will see the Washington Monument on a crystal clear day. Just like the day we got married.

Bluemont Vineyard

Winery 32– My mother and her best friend came to town and I showed them around. We came upon this place after lunch at Roots. It’s literally almost 32 acres of paradise. Hence how they got their name. They only opened in 2014 and known for their Chambourcin.

Sunset Hills Vineyard¬†– This place is another favorite with the best views of the sunset and also great wines. But their view….breathtaking. Sit back with a glass of your favorite Sunset Hills wine and watch the sun go down.

Chrysalis Wine– This place has an amazing building overlooking the vineyard. The cutest pergola on the patio. It seems very industrial-like with the tin roof which I adore. Beware, they have many delicious wines!

Boxwood Estate Winery– I had never heard of this place until my brother who was visiting wanted to try it. Boxwood? Who? It was winter time and sitting outside with wine is out of the question. We checked it out. If you took a step in their cellar, oh man, that is some cellar they have. It’s gorgeous. Their wine is pretty decent too. Props to my brother.

This about wraps up on my favorite places to ‘Prost’ with friends and families. Many of them are kids and dogs friendly. Just be sure to check their website before visiting. Virginia brews and wine are something here. If you ever find yourself traveling south or in that case, north in search of great hops and grapes, you won’t be sorry at one of these locations!

Vanilla Zucchini Protein Mug Cake

So, I’ve got this garden and it’s literally giving birth to multiple zucchinis a day that it’s so hard to keep up with them! Not that I don’t love them or anything crazy. Just stop growing!

Zucchinis or not, I’ve been giving them away to friends, neighbors and eating them on almost a daily basis. They are super good for you. Rich in fiber, very low glycemic load, and fill of potassium and vitamin A and vitamin C.

And you can do anything to it. Eat it raw, grill it, bake it, saut√© it, or add them to your baked goods which is what I’ve been doing lately. I’ve been adding so much zucchini in my oats for breakfast. Keeps me filled for the rest of the morning!

My awesome neighbors invited us over for a 4th of July BBQ and I made this Paleomg’s recipe for chocolate zucchini bread and added my own dark chocolate syrup to drizzle over it.

It stirred up the idea to do a protein mug cake. I love how moist and delicious it is. Not super sweet but super easy to make!

Just gather up these ingredients below. Mix the dry in a separate bowl before adding in the wet with the zucchini. It should be a green dough consistency. Don’t let the color freak you out, it’s from the greens in the Vega powder! Pour mix into a greased mug or souffl√© dish (really, whatever you have on hand will work). Microwave for 2 minutes and you have your DELISH moist mug cake. Sit back and share this with your partner or not!

*vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free

  • Nutrition Facts: 174 cal, 5 g fat, 15 g carbs, 23 g protein (without white chocolate chips)