Hearing Aid Insecurities: Overcoming it

We all have dealt with body image insecurities growing up. But there’s another part of me that has been shaped by something else. I got called weirdo, a deaf-mute, foreigner, etc. “What’s wrong with your voice?” I used to have rocks and wood chips thrown at me during recess. “Why don’t you use sign languageContinue reading “Hearing Aid Insecurities: Overcoming it”

Growing Pains

I was asked about bullying in my past. I know bullying is such a hot topic these days and it happens to EVERYONE. Growing up had its hardships. There’s bullying. And teasing. Lots of it. Daily. Grade school was different. Once I mainstreamed, I was the only deaf student in the whole school. I wasContinue reading “Growing Pains”