What I Wished I Told My 15 Year Old Self

She’s still searching and always going to be searching. For adventures. To see more of the world. To seek the good in others. To influence others…. Life is always a confusing state. That everything happens for a reason. Take the rejection that seems so big, make it small, and take it with a grain ofContinue reading “What I Wished I Told My 15 Year Old Self”

Travel Accessory Must Haves

I am way too excited about this trip! We legit lost power for 3 days. That windstorm was insanely crazy! Once we got our power back, I immediately started laundry and dishwasher. I don’t think I’ve ever been that ecstatic about laundry or dishes. Little things! Speaking of being able to do laundry, I packedContinue reading “Travel Accessory Must Haves”