2019 Recap

I have nothing but love for 2019. I look forward to 2020 with a lot of gratitude and hopes.

First, Justin took up a job 1335 miles from home. We rang in 2019 in freezing Lake Placid, NY. We sold our country house in Virginia, packed up everything, and moved south to unknown territories. We stopped and enjoyed Nashville on the way. Patriots won another Super Bowl. One of my best friends got married in New Orleans. Soon after we moved into a temporary apartment, Jameson got hit by a car and dodged a bullet from it just fine. We bought a new construction home right away. I got a job working two different offices full time. We flew to Boston for Roderick’s 40th birthday bash. We took up hot yoga. I started That Deaf Girl Vlogs. We spent our 6 year anniversary back in Bluemont, VA where we got married. I became pregnant with our first child. I began Birthfit workouts in our garage gym. My dear mother had a double stroke and miraculously, thankfully survived. I began to find out scary things were happening during my pregnancy and fell into a dark place for a while but also had so many positives moving forward. We moved into our brand new home. We did a maternity shoot in heart of Waco, Texas. We saw Joe Rogan and ZBB live. We explored so much of the Fort Worth/Dallas area and have new found love for it. Thanksgiving was spent in Houston with our good friend Holly and the boys. We had an awesome remote Baby Shower. Justin received a promotion and took up Brazilian jiu jitsu. We enjoyed our first warm Christmas in Texas with Justin’s sister and our nephew.

I know there’s so many more I could add on to this blog post.

I could not think of a better way to close out the year than spend our last night alone with the three pups, surf and turf dinner and a brownie gnocchi with ice cream dessert.

This year has taught me many wonderful lessons. I’m thankful for the extreme hardships and amazing blessings.

2020, let’s do this!

Couple’s Corner|Vlog

Hey guys. I was invited by Hear / Be Heard to be featured in their interview panel. So I invited my husband to join me and I hope you enjoy it!

As always, I’m open to any questions you may have!

Love, That Deaf Girl

Deaf-Hearing Marriage

“Did your husband think twice about the fact that you were hard of hearing when you met? Does it cause any difficulties in your marriage?”

This question….kind of perplexed me.

It’s really a normal marriage. He got down on one knee, I said yes. We ended up doing that ‘getting married’ thing. We said our vows and agreed to agree how red meat should be cooked.

I think when the question was asked, I had no idea people think it could cause difficulties. Now, I can see people wondering that. If people knew us, then maybe that wouldn’t be a question.

I supposed people often question Justin. I’m sure once they meet me it’s like “oh…she’s normal.” “With a funny accent.” No, I’m just kidding.

People might automatically think we communicate via sign language. (He knows zero)

This was the first time I asked Justin if he thought twice about the fact I’m hard of hearing. This was his response.

“Nope. I think because we got along right from the jump.”

Be more like him.

It’s a problem if you make it a problem. Remember, love is universal.

Let’s get to the difficulties of how it is in our marriage!…..NONE. No difficulties whatsoever. I mean, we sure have communication issues. JUST LIKE ANY OTHER MARRIED COUPLE.

We wouldn’t be married if we didn’t mesh well. He knew what he was getting himself into and we simply had to work itself out. He happily makes the necessary phone calls that I need. I make fun of his New England accent because he will say a whole sentence in one word. Can we cue the eye roll here?

No, our marriage is not perfect. It’s normal. Like a unicorn is normal.

I am loving all of your questions. Please send more!

Email me – hello@thatdeafgirl.com