Favorite Eats in Fort Worth

We moved to the Fort Worth area in January 2019. We had no clue about the location or where to look. Since my husband and I love to explore and dine out locally, we decided to seek out social media using the hashtag #fortwortheats on Instagram.

Since then, we’ve discovered a bunch of hotspots that’s become our favorite go to. In this crazy COVID-19 times, I know many of these places may go out of business. Some of them are doing curb-side pick up to save their business. In honor of #supportlocalbusiness, I’m listing a few of my local favorite eats.

Gemelle: This place screams fun spot along with amazing Italian goodies. Lip smacking oh em gee good! My first time there, I was maybe 15 weeks pregnant and was craving a night out. Mind you, it was literally 100 degrees at the time. The place was packed and the only seating available was outside. I noticed the fans on the deck so I didn’t seem to mind. Although, pregnant and heat didn’t mesh well with me at the time. Now, where am I going with this? Oh yes, you have to get their Crispy Chicken Fettuccine ‘Alfredo’. It wasn’t heavy at all. Light on the sauce and thick crispy crust outside the chicken. I devoured it. SO GOOD. Recently, we did a date night take out from them and they did not disappoint. Cesar salad, pasta and pizza makes the world go round.

Cane Rosso: we were exploring this cute street called Magnolia Ave in downtown Fort Worth that reminded me of home. Local restaurants and cute hot spots of wine bars and breweries. Came Rossco stole my heart with their pizzas. Because every pizza you purchase, they donate to the Cane Rosso foundation. Dog lovers unite! And get their Billy Ray Valentine pizza!

Right now, you can donate a pie or ten to help feed the frontline.

Heim Barbecue : We drove by one day and saw the line out the door. We looked closely and there wasn’t room inside. Luckily, they opened a bigger place on the other side of town so we went to check it out. Their brisket is SO GOOD. Where I’m from, you can definitely tell the meat differences. Beef > pork bbq. Do go. Make sure you save room for their spicy Mac and cheese.

Melt Ice Creams: Also on Magnolia Ave. If anyone knows me, I can’t tolerate a ton of dairy and gluten. This place offers so many dairy free AND even offer gluten free waffle cone. Their almond cone is amazing. Get your scoop or three as soon as you get out of the house. Better yet, just order curb-side pick up for the entire family.

Waters Texas: This restaurant was really our first nice dinner out in Texas since we moved. Like other places, packed, make a reservation, sit at the bar and enjoy a cocktail or two before seating. And for dinner, enjoy this one. Savor every moment.

Gypsy Scoops: Our apartment neighbors had told us about this place and we never stopped going. It was that addicting. Summers in Texas are brutal. Their ice cream is next level brutally delicious. The ice cream is so unique. The lavender flavor has me wondering how to make it at home. Their Cookie Monster ice cream is my favorite. It’s bad enough they remember me and what I order.

Zoli’s NY Pizza: This place is one of the unique pizza place I’ve gone to. Outdoor things to do for the kids, outside the restaurant has a separate ice cream parlor. Do go if you want some lactose goodness. They offer so many varieties of pizza and have specials on certain days. Go follow them on IG to catch it. We did curb-side pick up with them and I don’t know why we never ordered their Cheesy Blaster breadsticks before. Once we have freedom, it’s on my checklist.

Hot Box Biscuit Club: We needed a place to “date” for breakfast while Warrior Annie was still in the NICU. Getting out to this place was just what the doctor ordered. So needed and unbelievably mouth watering goodness. I left the place with a full stomach and heart and a week later Annie was discharged.

I’ve linked all the restaurants in their names. Please go and support them. As of right now, they’re all doing curbside pickup. They’re super appreciative of their customers doing their part to help their business so we can all go back to our lives and enjoy food.

Favorite Eats in Downtown Leesburg

Leesburg is a really cute town that’s grown ever since we’ve moved to here about 5 years ago. There has been a lot of changes especially in Downtown Leesburg. Others call it Old Town Leesburg. Really whatever floats your boat! It’s basically Historic Leesburg. Okay, are we done here?

Let’s talk about my favorite eats in town!

Senor Ramon Taqueria – One word. TACOS. And sangria. This is such a cool taco joint. Everything is so fresh and the flavors just mesh well. Every time. There’s always a line every time we go. Make sure you know what you want to order before you go because the options are literally ENDLESS. If you ever wanted to try beef intestine or tongue on your tacos, they have it. 🙂 Cheers.

Fire Works Pizza  – We first came to Leesburg and our next door neighbor told us their favorite pizza place. I had heard about this place from a group of friends for a while as well. We figured this would be the place to go while we unwind from endless unpacking! Oh man, where has this place been all my life? They make delicious affordable pizzas! Even available with gluten-free dough. Not only that, but a long lists of craft beer and local wine. Even dogs can enjoy the patio seating with you. Ruff life huh?

SideBar – I was away one weekend and my husband went with a few friends one day and told me about their amazing brunch. They had just opened. I was dying to try their cinnamon roll! People, it’s not gluten-free but if you can stomach it, order one! Hashtag heaven please.

King Street Oyster Bar – Don’t bother going if you’re not a fan of seafood. I love coming here for their oysters and cocktails in the summer time. Keeping it light is key. Their oysters are pretty decent not to mention how fresh they taste. It changes every time we come in for a treat and they come from the east and west coasts. Not a fan? They have non-seafood meals available. Their lobster pasta is a fav as well. Just shuck it and eat it.

Bites – The best place for chilly weather comfort food. If you enjoy grilled cheese and tomato soup at home, you will like this place. It’s ten times better and they have grilled cheese ranging from salty to sweet with the most delicious soups available that day. You can even opt for a gluten-free bread!

Gruttos – This is literally ice cream heaven. We discovered this hole in the wall ice cream place in Purcellville. They had such a long line out the door the first time we stepped in. They’ve recently opened a location right in Downtown Leesburg! Tons of ice cream options even the “Elvis” which is a banana soft serve ice cream with peanut butter sauce, whipped cream and a cherry on top! Ye-ow! You may want to wear your yoga pants because bloat ain’t pretty!

Delirium Cafe – This place opened up last year on such a perfect corner on King Street and of course, they have great beer with elephant pictures on them. Just kidding, it’s a Belgium based cafe/bar. The atmosphere is pretty decent when you walk in and continue to the back where they have outdoor patio seating that reminds you of a German Oktoberfest. They open late too. 10 or 11 pm. It’s late for Leesburg. Just don’t ask me why. If you’re looking for late night grubs, make sure you include their amazing truffle fries with your favorite Delirium beer sans elephants.

Cocina on Market – This restaurant has a rooftop seating. Hashtag make sure you wear your sunscreen. Great view of the town! Always love coming here for their amazing margaritas and gourmet style Mexican food. They use seasonal and local ingredients that create “holy mackerel” meals inspired by the chefs travels. It’s a good place. Just go.

Dairy-Free Berry Protein Ice Cream

When I first received an ice cream maker as a gift last year, I became obsessed with it and made every flavor in the book. Even a raspberry Merlot sorbet! Yes, with real wine!

Then, I learned of my Leaky Gut issue and decided to take things back a notch immediately. It’s in the middle of the summer and store bought dairy-free ice cream can take a toll on your budget. I mean, healthy food IS expensive.

But it doesn’t have to be! I decided to whip up some dairy-free ice cream of my own. This one is super delish and has me coming back for more. People! Moderation is key!

Gather these super, super easy ingredients below and dust off your ice cream maker!

Mix them all together in a separate bowl, add to your ice cream maker, turn it on and let it run for 10 minutes. Make sure you come back and check on it a few times. Over churned is not a pretty look!

Pour the creamy mixture into a tupperware and stick it in the fridge overnight or at least 2 hours. Remove from the fridge 15 mins before serving.

Top it off with your favorite chocolate syrup (I make mine homemade with almond milk), fresh berries, or shredded coconut. Really, whatever makes your heart go wild!

Here’s mine with fresh berries. Enjoy!


Nutrition Fact:

Serves 4 – 202 calories, 14.5 g fat, 7.8 g carbs, 8.8 g protein

*Note: Vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free