Highlights from Malolo Island, Fiji

It’s about 30-60 min boat ride from Denarau Port to Malolo Island. It really depends on the type of boat. We arrived and were introduced with Fijian band playing music, a beautiful Fijian lei and a refreshing sweet tea drink. It was 10 pm at night. We were famished, even though they stopped serving dinnerContinue reading “Highlights from Malolo Island, Fiji”

Be Like Them…

Or Nikki. Or Jameson. Or Charley…. I know a lot of people think I’m a crazy dog lady. But…. They cuddle. They love unconditionally. They know when you had a bad day. They’re so excited when they wake you up. Even when you think you should sleep in. They love meal time. Especially the homemadeContinue reading “Be Like Them…”

Highlights from Sydney, Australia

P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney Australia… You need to watch the Disney Movie “Nemo”. I’m making my husband watch it when we get back. Everyone here are dog lovers. Doggies galore! It was kind of refreshing. I miss my pups. First thing we did when we got here was see a Rugby League game.Continue reading “Highlights from Sydney, Australia”