Vanilla Zucchini Protein Mug Cake

So, I’ve got this garden and it’s literally giving birth to multiple zucchinis a day that it’s so hard to keep up with them! Not that I don’t love them or anything crazy. Just stop growing!

Zucchinis or not, I’ve been giving them away to friends, neighbors and eating them on almost a daily basis. They are super good for you. Rich in fiber, very low glycemic load, and fill of potassium and vitamin A and vitamin C.

And you can do anything to it. Eat it raw, grill it, bake it, sauté it, or add them to your baked goods which is what I’ve been doing lately. I’ve been adding so much zucchini in my oats for breakfast. Keeps me filled for the rest of the morning!

My awesome neighbors invited us over for a 4th of July BBQ and I made this Paleomg’s recipe for chocolate zucchini bread and added my own dark chocolate syrup to drizzle over it.

It stirred up the idea to do a protein mug cake. I love how moist and delicious it is. Not super sweet but super easy to make!

Just gather up these ingredients below. Mix the dry in a separate bowl before adding in the wet with the zucchini. It should be a green dough consistency. Don’t let the color freak you out, it’s from the greens in the Vega powder! Pour mix into a greased mug or soufflé dish (really, whatever you have on hand will work). Microwave for 2 minutes and you have your DELISH moist mug cake. Sit back and share this with your partner or not!

*vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free

  • Nutrition Facts: 174 cal, 5 g fat, 15 g carbs, 23 g protein (without white chocolate chips)
  • Dairy-Free Berry Protein Ice Cream

    When I first received an ice cream maker as a gift last year, I became obsessed with it and made every flavor in the book. Even a raspberry Merlot sorbet! Yes, with real wine!

    Then, I learned of my Leaky Gut issue and decided to take things back a notch immediately. It’s in the middle of the summer and store bought dairy-free ice cream can take a toll on your budget. I mean, healthy food IS expensive.

    But it doesn’t have to be! I decided to whip up some dairy-free ice cream of my own. This one is super delish and has me coming back for more. People! Moderation is key!

    Gather these super, super easy ingredients below and dust off your ice cream maker!

    Mix them all together in a separate bowl, add to your ice cream maker, turn it on and let it run for 10 minutes. Make sure you come back and check on it a few times. Over churned is not a pretty look!

    Pour the creamy mixture into a tupperware and stick it in the fridge overnight or at least 2 hours. Remove from the fridge 15 mins before serving.

    Top it off with your favorite chocolate syrup (I make mine homemade with almond milk), fresh berries, or shredded coconut. Really, whatever makes your heart go wild!

    Here’s mine with fresh berries. Enjoy!


    Nutrition Fact:

    Serves 4 – 202 calories, 14.5 g fat, 7.8 g carbs, 8.8 g protein

    *Note: Vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Mug Cake

    The other night, we were catching up on a Netflix show and all the sudden it got super quiet. Justin’s head was in the pantry. My husband was having a sweet tooth and asked me if we had cookies. Now, if you know us, we don’t buy sweets at the grocery store because it would be gone in one day. I had homemade ice cream I made the other day and he still didn’t want it. Really? It’s ice cream dude.

    I thought about a lot of things we had before the mice ate all of our goodies a while back. Don’t ask me how. So, I decided on making mug cakes. I’ve seen them all over Pinterest. I thought “they can’t be hard”. I looked up recipes to see what we have that’s in our pantry and started making it. I used cocoa powder, coconut flour, water (I didn’t have milk), and an egg. I wasn’t a fan. It came out okay. I was more worried about it not being cooked. It ended up over cooked, too dry, and too thick. I decided to sweeten it up with melted peanut butter. It was better but by the 3rd bite, I was already full! It was enough for two people. Justin ate his own, all of it, and regret it.

    One day, I received Equip Foods in the mail and was excited to use their products. I looked on the back of their protein bags and saw you could use their protein to bake in anything! It sparked my creativity from there and I decided to whip up my own mug cake recipes. It’s super easy! It satisfied my husbands sweet tooth with no guilt! I can definitely make these if I catch him rummaging our pantry again.

    Their protein doesn’t have whey and tastes just like brownies. But don’t worry I do enjoy plant based protein and am working on a recipe for my vegan friends! Just you wait. The recipe can also be vegan friendly, please see note below. This one is particularly one of my favorites. I LOVE peanut butter and chocolate. The pumpkin will keep the cake moist. You won’t even taste it. Don’t have it? Use unsweetened applesauce. Not paleo-friendly enough? Just don’t eat the peanut butter. You’re going to love this high-protein, low-carb, healthy, guilt-free treat!

    100% Grass Fed Beef Protein Powder, Paleo Friendly, Packed With Collagen and Gelatin, Nothing Artificial, Only Three Ingredients, 2 lb (Chocolate)

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Mug Cake

    Servings: 1
    Prep time: 5 mins
    Cook time: 1 min
    1 scoop chocolate protein (I used Equip Foods)
    1 tbs coconut flour
    ½ tsp baking powder
    1 lg egg
    ¼ cup milk choice or water (I used water)
    1 tbs 100% puree pumpkin
    ¼ tsp vanilla extract
    1 tsp peanut butter (for topping)
    1. Grease mug with coconut oil spray (any cooking spray will do)
    2. Combine dry ingredients in mug
    3. Add wet ingredients (except peanut butter) and mix. Batter should be creamy.
    4. Place in microwave and heat for 60 seconds or until center is done.
    5. Top it off with melted peanut butter
    6. Enjoy!
    Sorry about the peanut butter mess, I got too excited!
    Vegan notes: You can use plant protein in this recipe. Omit the egg and just increase the milk til it’s a creamy batter.

    Side note: My protein was already sweetened with stevia. If needed, you may use 1/2-1 tsp of sugar depending on kind.

    Nutrition notes: 307 cal, 15 g fat, 11 g carbs, 35.5 g protein (I used Equip Foods Prime Protein, water, not milk and peanut butter is included)