A Story to Tell

The other day, I met a sweet elderly patient who drives 4 hours to get her teeth cleaned. Granted, it’s kind of ridiculous. But her sweet smile and bubbly personality seem to make her life so easy. She also had the curiosity of a mouse and asked me right away if those were hearing aids.Continue reading “A Story to Tell”

My Journey With Stomach Issues: Part One

I’ve probably had stomach issues dating back since college. I remember having so much stomach pain, I could barely walk that I ended up in the ER. Multiple times. Fast forward, after my trip to Mexico circa fall 2010, thinking I had travelers diarrhea sickness, which was never the case. A few months later, IContinue reading “My Journey With Stomach Issues: Part One”

The Stress of Hearing Loss

Lately, I’ve been having major writers block and decided to take time off from writing over memorial holiday weekend. Not only was May Mental Health Awareness Month but it got me thinking about the stress of being a deaf individual in today’s crazy world. I get it. You must be like “How does this individualContinue reading “The Stress of Hearing Loss”