After announcing our big move, I found it quite harder to even fathom it. To be honest, I never saw myself moving to Texas. I never saw myself giving up life here. Especially my home.

“It’s just a house.”

Have you ever wanted something so much, you never thought you could have it. You never imagined building a home on land, with the views you dreamed of, backroads that seem so quaint with cows and sheep living nearby, feeling so far from the rat race of city life, dogs with the freedom in your own backyard to romp around and bark at nonsenses, that home that finally found your peace. It’s not just a house.

Days keep creeping up to closing date. Inspections are underway. Boxes still need to be filled. More than 85% of our house will be living in storage for a year. At least it felt so good to purge items we don’t need or use.

As we moved out, tears began streaming as we said our final goodbyes. I can only hope the new owners love it as much as we do.

I went back in and checked room to room to make sure it was empty. It was very empty. I begin to think of all the things we wanted to do with the house but never got a chance to. The wall shelf in the living room barely started. The vision design I had for our master bedroom. The ideas I wanted to do for a nursery when a baby comes. A huge patio with a fireplace with a pool to go with it. A vision of the dogs chasing the kids around the backyard. I could see many sweet moments.

It’s hard to say good bye to special memories created in the home. The laughters we have working out together in the garage. The dogs nuzzling us for attention while we are trying to sleep in. The dreamy snow days by the fireplace. The Super Bowl LII house divided. The garden we grew ourselves. Playing fetch with the pups. Making meals together. The special touches we added to the home including a fireplace mantel made out of old railroad wood, the sliding barn doors out of pallet wood, ‘hello’ on the yellow front door, and copper sink. The copper sink that I adored in every distressed way.

While we are transitioning to a new state in a much smaller home, it will take some time.

I learned that expectations can hurt, to let it go and open your heart wide. When it feels scary to jump, that’s exactly when you should jump otherwise, you will end up staying in the same place your whole life.

I also know that someday, much sooner than I can imagine, I will be walking through the rooms of another beautiful new house feeling the exact same way I do about the cute house with the yellow door.

Highlights from Dallas, Texas

There’s always a first time for everything. When I say Texas is a culture shock, that’s a first. I’m a huge traveler and have seen crazy parts of the world. This place is so different among others for many reason. It’s flat, spread out, and the vibe here is different. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are locals and even tourists who think it’s beautiful. I always say don’t judge a book by it’s cover. There are places yet uncovered and unseen. There are places that have amazing eats and sites to see! Below are some of the places we went for a quick get away.

HG Sply Co – This is a place for all you Crossfitters, Paleo eaters, health nut foodies, etc. I absolutely adored this place. Their drinks are so good. I got their “Double Under” which is beet-infused tequila drink and am itching to go back for a second drink. Many of their drinks have some sort of veggie or fruit infused. Their food menu is so healthy yet so filling. Simple and clean. They can even be prepared gluten and dairy-free.

Joe T’s – It’s basically a restaurant with no menu that fills an entire city block. Order your fajitas or enchiladas, pitcher of darn good margaritas or one with a corona bottle in it. No problemas.

Snooze Eatery – If you enjoy brunch, this place has the best, lightest, fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever had. We got their special, a Mocha pancake. Literally coffee spilled on pancake but better. They have some delicious burritos and lighter fares. There’s usually a line but put your name down, help yourself to some free coffee in their orange mug or order a Bacon and Egg drink while you wait for your table.

Even get a chance to stay at the Gaylord Texan or Omni Hotel. They both were fantastic.

I’m sure some of you are wondering why I’m writing this but I have some news for you.


We are moving to Texas!


Read it again.

This was probably one of the hardest decisions we’ve made. We looked at every option including moving closer to DC.

This wasn’t an easy 4 months. There were a lot of tears shed, indecisive decision making, even a declined offer, lots of flights to Dallas and back, not to mention a ton of sacrifices we’re making. We will be moving further from our families. But giving up our dream home was probably the hardest for me. I love my home, the huge back yard we created just for our dogs, the sweat, blood and tears that went into building this thing we thought would be our forever humble abode.


Then I realized, life doesn’t always go as planned. It never has. I read this quote somewhere.

If we’re meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet…

This couldn’t be more true. I’ve always lived life in the craziest ways even my family thought wouldn’t be possible. That deaf girl? I went to an out of state college. I gave up my life in NJ to be with Justin in Virginia. I’m traveling the world. I’m constantly seeking greater things ahead and what life has to offer.




With that being said, I’m looking forward to our adventures in the big state of Texas!


We will miss everyone and the memories created with our friends and family. Virginia is a place I truly believe for lovers and will forever hold a place in my heart.


Favorite Eats in Downtown Leesburg

Leesburg is a really cute town that’s grown ever since we’ve moved to here about 5 years ago. There has been a lot of changes especially in Downtown Leesburg. Others call it Old Town Leesburg. Really whatever floats your boat! It’s basically Historic Leesburg. Okay, are we done here?

Let’s talk about my favorite eats in town!

Senor Ramon Taqueria – One word. TACOS. And sangria. This is such a cool taco joint. Everything is so fresh and the flavors just mesh well. Every time. There’s always a line every time we go. Make sure you know what you want to order before you go because the options are literally ENDLESS. If you ever wanted to try beef intestine or tongue on your tacos, they have it. 🙂 Cheers.

Fire Works Pizza  – We first came to Leesburg and our next door neighbor told us their favorite pizza place. I had heard about this place from a group of friends for a while as well. We figured this would be the place to go while we unwind from endless unpacking! Oh man, where has this place been all my life? They make delicious affordable pizzas! Even available with gluten-free dough. Not only that, but a long lists of craft beer and local wine. Even dogs can enjoy the patio seating with you. Ruff life huh?

SideBar – I was away one weekend and my husband went with a few friends one day and told me about their amazing brunch. They had just opened. I was dying to try their cinnamon roll! People, it’s not gluten-free but if you can stomach it, order one! Hashtag heaven please.

King Street Oyster Bar – Don’t bother going if you’re not a fan of seafood. I love coming here for their oysters and cocktails in the summer time. Keeping it light is key. Their oysters are pretty decent not to mention how fresh they taste. It changes every time we come in for a treat and they come from the east and west coasts. Not a fan? They have non-seafood meals available. Their lobster pasta is a fav as well. Just shuck it and eat it.

Bites – The best place for chilly weather comfort food. If you enjoy grilled cheese and tomato soup at home, you will like this place. It’s ten times better and they have grilled cheese ranging from salty to sweet with the most delicious soups available that day. You can even opt for a gluten-free bread!

Gruttos – This is literally ice cream heaven. We discovered this hole in the wall ice cream place in Purcellville. They had such a long line out the door the first time we stepped in. They’ve recently opened a location right in Downtown Leesburg! Tons of ice cream options even the “Elvis” which is a banana soft serve ice cream with peanut butter sauce, whipped cream and a cherry on top! Ye-ow! You may want to wear your yoga pants because bloat ain’t pretty!

Delirium Cafe – This place opened up last year on such a perfect corner on King Street and of course, they have great beer with elephant pictures on them. Just kidding, it’s a Belgium based cafe/bar. The atmosphere is pretty decent when you walk in and continue to the back where they have outdoor patio seating that reminds you of a German Oktoberfest. They open late too. 10 or 11 pm. It’s late for Leesburg. Just don’t ask me why. If you’re looking for late night grubs, make sure you include their amazing truffle fries with your favorite Delirium beer sans elephants.

Cocina on Market – This restaurant has a rooftop seating. Hashtag make sure you wear your sunscreen. Great view of the town! Always love coming here for their amazing margaritas and gourmet style Mexican food. They use seasonal and local ingredients that create “holy mackerel” meals inspired by the chefs travels. It’s a good place. Just go.