Netflix’s Deaf U Thoughts

This show has been interesting to say in the least. I first heard of the show coming out a month prior. It was circulating on social media and the trailer looked so good. It seemed to showcase deaf struggles in the real world.


Reason #1 – It’s a bunch of college kids attending Gallaudet University in Washington DC. For some of us that went to college sure do know all about the college lifestyle. There seem to be a lot of drama within the characters. The group they casted somehow seem to be two-faced. Also, sleeping around with talks of getting another person pregnant on purpose? I get it. BUT it’s not something I’d want my daughter to watch and learn about my world.

Reason #2 – It’s not a very good representation of us who are deaf or hard of hearing in the real world. “Do you all act like that?” NO. The reality is there are major differences on the deaf spectrums. The hearing may like it because it’s giving them interesting “perspectives”. I wished the show showed more struggles in real life. For example, what the classrooms are like, what’s studying like, what is it like to work, be around other hearing people, etc.

Reason #3 – The episodes are very short. Not sure why but I wished they elaborate more on their lives rather than being drama and sex focused. It is a documentary and showcased real stories. There were interesting perspectives in different episodes. There were very brief stories of molestations, abortion, LGTBQ, family, relationships, etc, OUTSIDE of their college life.

On the plus side, the end of the last episode gave me all the feels. I can relate to one character named Cheyenna. She’s deaf and uses sign but also words it out with her lips. Some of her friends didn’t like that. She chooses not to use oral speech. It’s just a choice of hers but it’s not good enough for her peers. The deaf culture is separated into different groups. It can be very hateful and discriminating. It’s part of why I didn’t want to attend Gallaudet. I use oral speech and am always questioned by the deaf community about why I don’t express with my hands. How I shouldn’t use my mouth to communicate. How I shouldn’t be wearing hearing aids and be cut off from the hearing world. No matter what I do, it’s not good enough. It’s a very constant state of feeling inferior. Using oral speech is a CHOICE I chose to use. I’ve learned ASL different stages of my life and even teach my 9 month old daughter to use it.

No matter what your choices are, be a better self advocate. Educating others is a constant work in progress. Keep going. Be you. And always be kind to others.

2019 Recap

I have nothing but love for 2019. I look forward to 2020 with a lot of gratitude and hopes.

First, Justin took up a job 1335 miles from home. We rang in 2019 in freezing Lake Placid, NY. We sold our country house in Virginia, packed up everything, and moved south to unknown territories. We stopped and enjoyed Nashville on the way. Patriots won another Super Bowl. One of my best friends got married in New Orleans. Soon after we moved into a temporary apartment, Jameson got hit by a car and dodged a bullet from it just fine. We bought a new construction home right away. I got a job working two different offices full time. We flew to Boston for Roderick’s 40th birthday bash. We took up hot yoga. I started That Deaf Girl Vlogs. We spent our 6 year anniversary back in Bluemont, VA where we got married. I became pregnant with our first child. I began Birthfit workouts in our garage gym. My dear mother had a double stroke and miraculously, thankfully survived. I began to find out scary things were happening during my pregnancy and fell into a dark place for a while but also had so many positives moving forward. We moved into our brand new home. We did a maternity shoot in heart of Waco, Texas. We saw Joe Rogan and ZBB live. We explored so much of the Fort Worth/Dallas area and have new found love for it. Thanksgiving was spent in Houston with our good friend Holly and the boys. We had an awesome remote Baby Shower. Justin received a promotion and took up Brazilian jiu jitsu. We enjoyed our first warm Christmas in Texas with Justin’s sister and our nephew.

I know there’s so many more I could add on to this blog post.

I could not think of a better way to close out the year than spend our last night alone with the three pups, surf and turf dinner and a brownie gnocchi with ice cream dessert.

This year has taught me many wonderful lessons. I’m thankful for the extreme hardships and amazing blessings.

2020, let’s do this!

New House Video | That Deaf Girl

Ever since we secured a property, I have been documenting our journey ever since.

It is now complete! Here’s to our third home we’ve owned. And hopefully our last.

PS- You may noticed some rooms are empty and boxes are out. We are taking baby steps to complete every room.

And thanks to everyone for their love and support!