Highlights from Lake Placid, New York

This trip was such a fun short weekend celebrating New Years with my family. We decided not to do Christmas gifts this year, only to pick a location, rent an Airbnb and spend quality family time. It was a great idea. We picked out Lake Placid based on my brother’s recommendation since they went lastContinue reading “Highlights from Lake Placid, New York”

What I Wished I Told My 15 Year Old Self

She’s still searching and always going to be searching. For adventures. To see more of the world. To seek the good in others. To influence others…. Life is always a confusing state. That everything happens for a reason. Take the rejection that seems so big, make it small, and take it with a grain ofContinue reading “What I Wished I Told My 15 Year Old Self”

Highlights from Sydney, Australia

P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney Australia… You need to watch the Disney Movie “Nemo”. I’m making my husband watch it when we get back. Everyone here are dog lovers. Doggies galore! It was kind of refreshing. I miss my pups. First thing we did when we got here was see a Rugby League game.Continue reading “Highlights from Sydney, Australia”