Best of 2018

What a year it’s been. 2019 is finally here. I was recently in NY for a ski trip with my family celebrating the new year festivities. One night, we all sat together enjoying dinner, sharing laughs, stories, reminiscing on our past. I took a step back listening and observing how much we’ve all grown. IContinue reading “Best of 2018”

That Deaf Weightlifter…

I told my husband I wanted to do a weightlifting meet. He was really supportive of it but I just couldn’t bring myself to sign up for one. I’ve never been to one, I have no clue how it works, and only knew a small handful that do or have done meets. I used toContinue reading “That Deaf Weightlifter…”

My Journey With Stomach Issues: Part Two

If you’ve read my recent blog My Journey With Stomach Issues: Part One, I’m still blown away by this process. I’ve never even heard of “leaky gut”. I mean, I really have but I thought it was where number two was “leaky”…right? WRONG. “Leaky Gut” is actually a condition some doctors may or may notContinue reading “My Journey With Stomach Issues: Part Two”