Last year I shared a list of wisdoms I’ve learned over the years on 32.

This year has been a crazy, wild ride. Between selling our beautiful home, moving during a blizzard, traveling a thousand miles to a new home in an unknown location, meeting new people, new jobs, new living situations, and growing a life.

I’m continuously grateful for how far I’ve come. I’ve shared some of my past wisdoms as well as new ones.

1- Make room in your heart for the unimaginable. Always believe in miracles.

2- Do what scares you. I say this all the time. I’ve longed to speak on a special needs platform and finally submitted a proposal on a whim. Stay tuned.

3- Don’t let the bad outweigh the good.

4- Change is good! Just look on the bright side of the future.

5- Life is really too short and precious. Never take anything for granted.

6- Take pictures. Always. Be notorious for random ones. They’re the best.

7- Never stress on the tiniest stuff. Let it go and see what kind of magic returns in its place.

8- It’s okay to have emotions and be vulnerable. Never bottle them up and always remember it’s okay to cry.

9- Stop comparing yourself to others. You are who you are and always have been. Just believe it.

10- Do take care of your mental health.

11- Date night in doesn’t have to be boring. Be creative. Order Hello Fresh in, cook it together and put on a movie while you eat.

12- Keep exploring and see what the world has to offer. While this might be on hold for a while, more research and saving for us!

13- Do check out the local restaurants. If you’re a fun foodie like me, I’m always checking out the new flavor in town! And no, fast food chains don’t count.

14- Technology is amazing. Keep in touch with your friends and family near and far. Always keep them close to your heart.

15- Do take social media breaks. In fact, take several.

16- Be passionate about something bigger than yourself. It inspires growth.

17- Know that there is always light out of the darkness. Whatever rock bottom you hit, the top is just waiting for you to shine. When the time is right.

18- I truly believe everything happens for a reason. It will always work out because it’s meant to be. When it doesn’t, know that there’s always something bigger for you, just need to close the door for the next one to open.

19- Always remind yourself how far you’ve come. Be proud of the fact that you’re taking the path that was paved for you.

20- Please floss. Daily.

21- Never let grief take over and always choose hope.

22- Let mean people be mean. Life has a way of bringing them into your life to challenge you and make you a better person out of it.

23- Always trust your dog when it doesn’t like a person. For real.

24- Kindness alway goes a long way. Treat others how you would want to be treated.

25- Don’t let your disability define who you are as a person – Even though it may seem like denying the power and overwhelming significance of the experiences in my life, you’re not insulting yourself, not weak, not asking for sympathy. You’re you. See the person first, disability second.

26- Aspire to inspire others. Whether it’s sharing your story or smiling for no reason.

27- Trust your gut.

28- Keep chasing that dream of yours and don’t be afraid to share it. Here’s mine. I always aspire to keep auditioning and one day model for Sports Illustrated. It will be on hold for quite some time. Until then, keep reaching for the stars.

29- Be picky about vibes and energy you surround yourself with. You owe yourself that much.

30- Sarcasm and cursing is always okay in my book. Keep being you.

31- Keep smiling. I mean it. It’s always a good day when you see others smile.

32- You are not required to house someone else’s feelings. Take it easy on yourself.

33- Always love and love hard.


Today, I’m passing along 32 wisdom I’ve learned along the way. I’m grateful for all that I’ve seen, where I’ve been, and where I’m going. Especially where I am today.

  1. Smile often – It will make people wonder about you.
  2. Chase that dream – Whatever you’ve been thinking about for a long time, just go for it. It’s not handed to you, you have to work for it.
  3. Drink lots of water – It’s so good for you.
  4. Respect others – Regardless of the differences. Try it.
  5. Treat others the way you would want to be treated – I cannot stress this enough! Put yourself in their shoes too! Kindness goes a long way.
  6. Lift heavy weights – The best body toning, feel good endorphins, stress reliever on earth.
  7. People won’t always like you and that’s okay – Brush it off and walk away as hard it may be. Refer to #1, keep smiling.
  8. Hold yourself to the highest standard – Really respect yourself.
  9. Rescue is the best breed – When you rescue a dog, you open up a spot in the animal shelter to save another life.
  10. Always see the good in others – Despite the differences, you may not always see eye to eye but always see the good and smile about them.
  11. Travel far and wide – Traveling will make you an incredibly more well-rounded human being.
  12. Wash your face every night – And don’t forget your sunscreen during the day!
  13. Keep your meals real, whole and nutritious – I continuously keep learning about the food I eat and how it treats my body!
  14. Also, enjoy treats because…balance – Dairy-free or not!
  15. Bravely accept your imperfections, your flaws – Strive for growth, instead of perfection.
  16. It’s okay to be vulnerable – Being vulnerable makes you who you are.
  17. Be unapologetically YOU – Keep shining like a diamond.
  18. Recognize that your inner beauty conquers all – Stay true to yourself.
  19. Take pictures of everything – Life goes by fast, you only live once, and stop the time with a picture.
  20. Do the things you’re scared to do – And don’t let people tell you otherwise.
  21. Focus on the present, not the past – I struggle with this often! But learning to focus on today, not what happened yesterday!
  22. Laughter is the best medicine – Keep a sense of humor and don’t take yourself so seriously.
  23. Weight is simply JUST A NUMBER – It’s always just a number, your health is your most valuable asset.
  24. Never take your body for granted – I still have a lot to learn in terms of the food I eat and working out has me learning that my body is capable in many ways I never imagine.
  25. Learn to fail and accept failure – Mistakes are what makes you who you are.
  26. Always say “I love you” – Period.
  27. Stop assuming what others think of you – It’s none of your business.
  28. Don’t compare yourself to others – You have no idea what’s behind closed doors.
  29. Enjoy life – Show up and make the most of it.
  30. There is nothing to hold you back – Except yourself.
  31. Don’t let your disability define who you are as a person – Even though it may seem like denying the power and overwhelming significance of the experiences in my life, you’re not insulting yourself, not weak, not asking for sympathy. You’re you. See the person first, disability second.
  32. Be a decent human.